PayConfirm & Secure Bank

PayConfirm & Secure Bank

Comprehensive fraud protection for online banking users

Ensuring that online banking users are always protected requires both verification of transaction data and analysis of device parameters and user behaviour. Such security measures should not affect customer experience, however.

The comprehensive solution from Group-IB and Airome combines Secure Bank, a client-side fraud and attack prevention system, and PayConfirm, a mobile transaction authentication signature platform.

PayControl & Secure Bank function

PayConfirm & Secure Bank function

Adaptive authentication and transaction confirmation ensure a frictionless and secure customer experience, with minimal cost and implementation time.

PayControl function overview

Bundle solution

The mobile part of PayConfirm, which contains the Secure Bank client module, is integrated into the mobile banking app installed on the user device;

Ready-made tool for automated assessment of the risks involved in completing given financial transactions.

Cryptographic Algorithms


Sets up a signature in the automatic background mode, requesting additional confirmation and preventing a transaction from being signed or completed depending on the risk assessment;

Contains pre-set values for scoring trust indicators for users.

PayControl Advantages


Lower cost of telecom services (thanks to lower cost of text message transaction notifications), implementation and integration of systems to ensure technical support and proper functioning.

Integration and features


No need to compare fragmented user transaction data from the online banking system with user device data and events.

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