PayConfirm & Secure Bank

PayConfirm & Secure Bank

Comprehensive fraud protection for online banking users

Ensuring that online banking users are always protected requires both verification of transaction data and analysis of device parameters and user behaviour. Such security measures should not affect customer experience, however.

The comprehensive solution from Group-IB and Airome combines Secure Bank, a client-side fraud and attack prevention system, and PayConfirm, a mobile transaction authentication signature platform.

PayConfirm & Secure Bank function

Adaptive authentication and transaction confirmation ensure a frictionless and secure customer experience, with minimal cost and implementation time.

Bundle solution

The mobile part of PayConfirm, which contains the Secure Bank client module, is integrated into the mobile banking app installed on the user device;

Ready-made tool for automated assessment of the risks involved in completing given financial transactions.


Sets up a signature in the automatic background mode, requesting additional confirmation and preventing a transaction from being signed or completed depending on the risk assessment;

Contains pre-set values for scoring trust indicators for users.


Lower cost of telecom services (thanks to lower cost of text message transaction notifications), implementation and integration of systems to ensure technical support and proper functioning.


No need to compare fragmented user transaction data from the online banking system with user device data and events.

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Implementation of PayConfirm as PSD2 compliant solution for transaction confirmation in digital at Wise Wolves Payment Institution

«We were looking for a solution that would replace current means of log-in and transaction confirmations and satisfy PSD2 requirements. As we all know, new Directive applies technical standards and certain restrictions, such as SMS OTP, while we find it critical to provide our clients a mobile, modern and user-friendly way to proceed with their payment operations. The PayConfirm by Airome Technologies helps us to satisfy all these criteria and also make payments more secure and protect our clients from potential fraud».
Marfa Shishkina,
Executive director of Wise Wolves Payment Institution
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Legal entity customer protection. Secure and convenient digital service channels for legal entities

«Securing remote banking services (RBS) remains a key challenge for the banking industry. The overall volume and quantity of attempts at fraudulent transactions with legal entity accounts increases every year. On the other hand, simplifying a user’s experience through desktop and mobile banking is a necessary prerequisite for customer loyalty.
How do you secure accounts of legal entities and enhance their user experience at the same time? The answer—Mobile Transaction Authentication Signature technology.»
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