Digital Signature


  • The necessity to visit a branch to sign-up for new services or submit an application pushes your clients away
  • The necessity to provide authorship and control integrity of the document itself
  • The necessity to comply with local regulations
  • Existing PKI-based solutions are usually not mobile

Digital interaction and paperless document flow is not just a good trend but a way for business sustainability nowadays. Best practice in this field is to use a solution based on a PKI infrastructure to comply with local regulations. This increases the overall security level and simplifies conflict resolution. However, in many cases, PKI-based solutions are quite complex to use and are not mobile.

PayConfirm mobile digital signature can be easily integrated with an internal PKI infrastructure on the client’s side or with an external one provided by a Certificate Authority. This integration makes it possible to sign documents with one tap on a smartphone screen. Such a signature will be legal evidence in case of a legal issue. PayConfirm Digital Signature makes it possible to sign any type of agreement or application by your clients without a visit to a branch, a complicated software installation, or use of a hardware token. Everything will be done right in your mobile app.


  • Paperless document flow with your clients without a visit to a branch
  • Legally compliant digital signature right in a mobile app
  • Significant economy with printing, signing, logistics, and storage of paper documents
  • Trusted 2FA solution based on cryptography
  • Integrity and authorship control
  • Legally compliant signature based on PKI available on mobile devices
  • Integrated into your mobile app or as  a stand-alone solution