I want to …

  • povide a hassle-free experience for our client
  • reduce cost for SMS
  • make our app more secure


  • Every additional button in a transaction process can push clients away
  • High per-user costs for SMS OTP
  • More clients equal more attention from fraudsters

In a modern world when everyone wants to be mobile, the role of fintech applications is reasonable in day-to-day life and financial activities. Being faster and not as much regulated as banks, Fintech apps take quite a huge chunk of the financial service market. Although e-wallets and daily apps are more concentrated on providing clients with a highly user-friendly experience, they can quite often not pay as much attention to security.

The critical point in terms of security in a fintech app is a transaction confirmation. All processes (like money transfers) are confirmed with one-time passwords sent by SMS or push notifications. These generated codes sent to clients can be easily intercepted through social engineering, SIM swap, or simply through vulnerabilities in the SS7 mobile protocol that was designed about half a century ago. This makes stealing money from clients a very possible incident.

At the same time, retyping codes to confirm an operation spoils the whole effect of the “best ever user experience” so appreciated in Fintech apps.

PayConfirm SDK can be used to increase the security level and also improve user experience when using Fintech apps. The solution is in demand in the financial sector and is used actively by banks. Now it is also available to Fintech app developers.