Can digital-only banks save you money? It can, but know the risks too

With the use of digital-only lenders or Neobanks ramping up worldwide, does this mean such banks will outgrow traditional banks in the future?

How to achieve harmony in digital channels. “Mobile first” vs. “Mobile only”

Should banks keep traditional online channels as an essential part of their remote services? Or strive for harmony between these two digital channel development directions? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems.

Authentication is done. What about Identification?

Pandemic became a catalyst to move identification from offline to online for many organizations. Even we faced a new challenge on how to personalize a user’s device to make him able to authenticate?

Digital Banking. “Mobile First” VS “Mobile Only”

Three common strategies that any banks chooses and why those strategies correspond to the approaches formulated by Internet resources and cloud services developers.


Selama beberapa tahun terakhir, topik pasar/ ekosistem/ aplikasi super yang berbasis pada bank atau perusahaan FinTech telah menjadi perhatian dan sering disebut-sebut di banyak acara keuangan. Gelombang terbaru perkembangan digital perbankan menunjukkan bahwa pasar ASEAN siap untuk mengadopsi jenis layanan keuangan baru.