Implementation of PayConfirm to provide strong security in FinTech App for Sakalaguna Semesta

«We are confident to entrust our security system to the top experts in cybersecurity. Now we can provide our clients the most advanced and secure financial services based on the newest technologies.»
Kintarwan Kusumo,
President Director of PT. Sakalaguna Semesta
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Managing fraud amidst evolving consumer behaviour in the new-normal

COVID-19 has altered consumer behaviour and many companies now pivot their business model to accommodate what’s new and next. The shift towards digital channels to perform their essential and leisure needs shows the progress of adaption to the new reality. Our VP of Business Development APJ Leonard Chong shared with Cyberthreat id on why prioritising fraud detection is one of the important things to consider

Biometric authentication. Protecting the most vulnerable spots in digital channels

«These days, cyber attackers constantly improve the tech they use to steal money from digital banking channels users’ accounts: technical attacks, social engineering, or a mix of both come into play. These lead to financial losses for banks and their customers, or, at the very least, a much more complicated customer journey.
Unless you want to deal with frustrating calls from anti-fraud specialists or invite the client into the office for every minor change, the most innovative way to strengthen digital banking channel customer security is biometrics.»
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Individual customer protection. Secure, convenient, and cost-effective digital service channels for private users

«Securing individual customers finances in remote banking services (RBS) remains a key problem of modern banking. The overall volume and quantity of attempts at fraudulent transactions with individual customer accounts increases every year. On the other hand, simplifying a user’s experience in online and mobile banking is now a necessary prerequisite for customer loyalty.
Mobile transaction authentication signature (mTAS) technology combines the need for private user protection, while enhancing user experience.»
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