mPIN: apakah cocok dengan era baru mobile banking?

Every digital financial market is unique. In one and the same macro-region you will find a lot of peculiarities related to different countries.

OCBC customers affected by the recent SMS phishing scam

According to the police, nearly 470 people had fallen victim to the SMS phishing scams involving OCBC in December, with total losses amounting to at least S$8.5 million.

Payment transaction authentication methods. Which is the best?

In relation to payment transactions, there are many hidden pitfalls, because there is a range of fundamental differences between a regular application and a payment system (like a plastic card, e-wallet, etc.)

How to achieve harmony in digital channels. “Mobile first” vs. “Mobile only”

Should banks keep traditional online channels as an essential part of their remote services? Or strive for harmony between these two digital channel development directions? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems.

Implementation of PayConfirm as PSD2 compliant solution for transaction confirmation in digital at Wise Wolves Payment Institution

«We were looking for a solution that would replace current means of log-in and transaction confirmations and satisfy PSD2 requirements. As we all know, new Directive applies technical standards and certain restrictions, such as SMS OTP, while we find it critical to provide our clients a mobile, modern and user-friendly way to proceed with their payment operations. The PayConfirm by Airome Technologies helps us to satisfy all these criteria and also make payments more secure and protect our clients from potential fraud».
Marfa Shishkina,
Executive director of Wise Wolves Payment Institution
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COVID-19 jelas telah mempengaruhi kehidupan kita, dan khususnya dalam cara kita melakukan kegiatan perbankan. Di era baru pembatasan sosial ini, revolusi digital perbankan akan didorong oleh smartphone. Kemampuan Anda dalam memberikan pelayanan yang mudah dan aman melalui ponsel akan menjadi kunci utama, untuk memperluas basis pelanggan.

Bank fraud: couple lose £43,000 but can’t get a refund

Two retirees were conned out of their savings, but the banks say they were negligent.


CybersecAsia berbicara kepada Pavel Melnichenko, CTO, Airome Technologies, tentang digitalisasi industri perbankan dan mengapa bank dan perusahaan harus berkolaborasi.

UAE bank told to pay for Dh4.7 million after SIM swap fraud

Court judgment a wake-up call to banks to tighten security, says lawyer.


Titik terlemah dalam sistem digital perbankan adalah pengguna sedangkan sisi bank biasanya sangat terlindungi, bank sangat tahu tentang hal ini. Seluruh tim teknis bank – termasuk divisi risiko – akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk melindungi klien bank dan untuk tujuan ini mereka menawarkan solusi yang sangat kuat. Namun, solusi keamanan reguler dan pengalaman pengguna yang positif tampaknya tidak kompatibel.