Comprehensive fraud protection for online banking users

Modern banking infrastructure is developing in a high speed as well as the potential cyber threats which could cause the number of losses. Ensuring that digital banking users are always protected requires a complex of security measures and this should pass by seamless and unnoticeable for the client.

The comprehensive solution powered by Group-IB and Airome combines Fraud Hunting Platform, a client-side fraud and attack prevention system, and PayConfirm, a mobile transaction authentication signature platform.

PayControl & Secure Bank function

Adaptive authentication

Authentication based on asymmetric cryptography

Contains pre-set values for scoring trust indicators for users

PayControl function overview


Module is integrated into the mobile banking app installed on the user device

Detects the most popular cyber-attacks automatically

Cryptographic Algorithms


All the standard operations are confirmed with one tap on a smartphone screen

75% digital banking fraud decrease

Online and offline Availability

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