Mobile transaction authentication signature (mTAS) in a smartphone

PayConfirm is a software platform that performs mobile transaction authentication signature (mTAS) to authenticate or confirm any type of operations, including transactions or e-documents, on a mobile device.

Our solution provides clients with a high level of security and an easy way to protect their payments, generated via any digital channels, such as Internet banking, mobile banking, CNP operations, private banking.

No more scratch-cards, USB-tokens, OTP-generators or any other hardware solutions are needed. There is no dependency on mobile operator service and SMS delivery time.

Unlike OTP, mTAS created with PayConfirm is bound to the payment’s details and user’s smartphone. This solution offers protection from the most common security threats in digital banking such as SIM swap fraud, phishing, bank account details replacement and other security threats. Our technology is already successfully adopted and used by more than 60 banks worldwide.


No more codes retyping from SMS, PUSH notifications and OTP generators;

Trusted solution based on cryptography;

Real-time notification right in a smartphone.


Protection from phishing, social engineering, data switching;

Device scoring and anomalies detection;

SMS interception and SIM swap attack protection.


mTAS is generated on the basis of four components: transaction details, generation time, device fingerprint and user’s key;

Two independent communication channels are used to activate PayConfirm app in a user’s smartphone;

The security key is generated in the user’s smartphone and stored safely in the encrypted form.


User not just confirms payment details, but signs them digitally and will be informed about transaction status afterwards;

PayConfirm uses asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, thus, there is only the user who can generate a digital signature.

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Implementation of PayConfirm as PSD2 compliant solution for transaction confirmation in digital at Wise Wolves Payment Institution

«We were looking for a solution that would replace current means of log-in and transaction confirmations and satisfy PSD2 requirements. As we all know, new Directive applies technical standards and certain restrictions, such as SMS OTP, while we find it critical to provide our clients a mobile, modern and user-friendly way to proceed with their payment operations. The PayConfirm by Airome Technologies helps us to satisfy all these criteria and also make payments more secure and protect our clients from potential fraud».
Marfa Shishkina,
Executive director of Wise Wolves Payment Institution
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Legal entity customer protection. Secure and convenient digital service channels for legal entities

«Securing remote banking services (RBS) remains a key challenge for the banking industry. The overall volume and quantity of attempts at fraudulent transactions with legal entity accounts increases every year. On the other hand, simplifying a user’s experience through desktop and mobile banking is a necessary prerequisite for customer loyalty.
How do you secure accounts of legal entities and enhance their user experience at the same time? The answer—Mobile Transaction Authentication Signature technology.»
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