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Death of passwords: Will password fatigue usher in biometrics?

The more the number of passwords, the higher the number of breaches: In the first half of 2020, data breaches exposed 36 billion records, according to RiskBased Security, a US-based cybersecurity firm specialising in vulnerability intelligence, data breaches and risk ratings.

Will traditional banking be obsolete in Southeast Asia by 2030?

Around 18% of traditional bank branches in Southeast Asia are projected to close by 2030 – how will digital banking impact the industry and how can traditional banks step up?

Financial Technologies record a rapid growth in the region, says Dubai Future Foundation report

Sector proves its resilience amid COVID-19, expected to emerge stronger.

63% of APAC Customers Willing to Switch to Challenger Banks in 5 Years

By 2025 banking customers in APAC are likely to use digital banking services offered by neobanks

Cybersecurity is top concern, as online threats mount in Malaysia by 82.5%

Between March 18 and April 7 CyberSecurity Malaysia has reported 838 cybersecurity incidents.

Visa: Two in Three Singaporeans Interested in Digital-Only Banks

A new breed of digital banking is just around the corner.

McKinsey: Banks Need to Reinvent Themselves or They Will Eventually Disappear

Consumer tech-savviness, rise of fintech, and technology advances are challenges that require banks to reinvent themselves

Bank fraud: couple lose £43,000 but can’t get a refund

Two retirees were conned out of their savings, but the banks say they were negligent.

Op Wocao – China-linked APT20 was able to bypass 2FA

China-linked cyber espionage group APT20 has been bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) in recent attacks

UAE bank told to pay for Dh4.7 million after SIM swap fraud

Court judgment a wake-up call to banks to tighten security, says lawyer.

Quickly-growing phone scam targets bank customers via text message

Scammers targeted bank customers through SMS about “suspicious withdrawals”.

Southeast Asia’s Booming Internet Economy to Boost Fintech Growth

Southeast Region Internet economy corresponding 39% increase compared to 2018 and hits US$100 billion for the first time this year