PayConfirm & Oz Forensics

PayConfirm & Oz Forensics

AI biometric onboarding platform and Mobile Digital Signature to Protect Digital Banking Users

Airome provides its clients with a high level of security and an easy way to protect payments, generated via any digital channels, such as internet banking, mobile banking, CNP (card-not-present) operations, private banking etc. Oz Forensics helps to reduce digital fraud risks and costs by automating online onboarding processes with image, video and biometric analysis.

A fully integrated solution by Oz Forensics and Airome to protect critical actions or large transactions in digital banking. The bundle is based on the Oz Forensics KYC platform for biometric identification and protection against digital fraud and the PayConfirm software package for mobile transaction authentication signature. The integrated solution effectively defends from fraudulent attacks in digital banking irrespective to clients’ resistance level or mobile devices types.

PayControl & Secure Bank function

Product function

Biometric technologies and e-signature on users' mobile devices to provide simple and secure operations via digital channels.

PayControl function overview

Additional biometric authentication

Adaptive authentication based on user’s behavior and transaction amount increases security level;

Ready-to-use solution, no need to make an integration;

Cost-reduction on system implementation, operation and support.

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