PayConfirm & Oz Forensics

PayConfirm & Oz Forensics

AI biometric onboarding platform and Mobile Digital Signature to Protect Digital Banking Users

Airome provides its clients with a high level of security and an easy way to protect payments, generated via any digital channels, such as internet banking, mobile banking, CNP (card-not-present) operations, private banking etc. Oz Forensics helps to reduce digital fraud risks and costs by automating online onboarding processes with image, video and biometric analysis.

A fully integrated solution by Oz Forensics and Airome to protect critical actions or large transactions in digital banking. The bundle is based on the Oz Forensics KYC platform for biometric identification and protection against digital fraud and the PayConfirm software package for mobile transaction authentication signature. The integrated solution effectively defends from fraudulent attacks in digital banking irrespective to clients’ resistance level or mobile devices types.

PayControl & Secure Bank function

Product function

Biometric technologies and e-signature on users' mobile devices to provide simple and secure operations via digital channels.

PayControl function overview

Additional biometric authentication

Adaptive authentication based on user’s behavior and transaction amount increases security level;

Ready-to-use solution, no need to make an integration;

Cost-reduction on system implementation, operation and support.

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A smartphone as an ATM smartcard. Withdrawing cash from an ATM with your cell phone, rather than a physical card

«A modern bank customer prefers to move around the city without a wallet full of cash and plastic. Everything they need is on their smartphone: NFC for payments, public transit tickets, loyalty cards, and so on. However, sometimes there’s no escaping it, and they need cold hard cash. Making sure they can withdraw from an ATM without having to insert a physical card will definitely boost the loyalty of your active customer base.
How do you let your clients withdraw cash with their smartphone without upgrading the whole ATM fleet with expensive NFC readers? How do you raise the level of ATM security and lower the number of false customer card blocks? The answer to these questions is a mobile digital signature.»
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Turnkey digital customers. Moving customers from offline to online safely and conveniently

«One of the greatest assets of any modern company are their digital customers. They are identified, connected to information systems, and ready to interact via digital channels. The company’s main competitive advantage then becomes onboarding: reliable and secure digital tech for remotely gaining new clients at minimum cost and in the fewest steps possible.
So how do you organize the process of getting online customers? How do you ensure they are identified remotely, set up legally relevant document management, and make further communication safe and convenient?»
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