Implementation of PayConfirm to provide strong security in FinTech App for Sakalaguna Semesta

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We are confident to entrust our security system to the top experts in cybersecurity. Now we can provide our clients the most advanced and secure financial services based on the newest technologies.

Kintarwan Kusumo,
President Director of PT. Sakalaguna Semesta

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The project background and objectives

Cyber intrusion is real. According to the Cyber Security Research Institute, from January to November 2021, there were 1.3 billion cyber attacks attempted on Indonesia. In addition to attacking the general public, this cyber attack also targets large companies and corporations, with a higher level of security. The Criminal Investigation Agency of the Indonesian National Police also found a similar pattern related to the increasing number of cyber crimes in Indonesia. A total of 4,586 police reports were filed on Cyber Patrol, the Bareskrim website for reporting cyber crimes, in 2019. An increase from 4,360 reports in the previous year.
With an adequate and mature security system, organizations or companies can be saved from data leaks, and cyber crimes that continue to increase from year to year. In this way, future strategic steps can be carried out according to the stages and targets set.
PT Sakalaguna Semesta is aware of this trend and makes cyber security a priority to support its business security. Starting its business in 2003 as a traditional pulse service provider, Sakalaguna Semesta has developed into a business solution for modern channels and offline to online channels. As well as being a B2B service provider to facilitate digital transactions, such as purchasing credit, PPOB, bills, installments and so on. Initially, the company built security with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and One Time Password (OTP), with these two security steps.
Looking for the innovative tools for its FinTech App — Serbada — the company was focused on providing strong security and making the transactions easy, fast and safe. Thus, basic criteria for enhancing security of Serbada were:

  • Fast fraud reduction;
  • Improvement of customer journey using the app.

Solution description

PayConfirm is a software platform that performs mobile transaction authentication signature (mTAS) to authenticate or confirm any type of operations, including transactions or e-documents, on a mobile device.
The main advantage of this payment confirmation method over the traditional one, such as SMS with one-time password or mobile OTP tokens, is that it is done just in one tap on a mobile smartphone screen. Besides, unlike classical OTPs, PayConfirm transaction confirmation is generated directly on the client’s mobile device. The confirmation is linked to the transaction’s details and this decreases a chance of the theft of funds from the account. One more point is that there is an option to use the solution even without internet connection on the smartphone.

Project features

Looking for innovative tools for Serbada (FinTech App) Sakalaguna was focused on providing strong security and making the transaction more smoothly. Also, one of the tasks was to expand the client network not to increase the cost of building a retail chain, but to transfer services to a digital format. To answer this request, the company choose PayConfirm by AIROME.

Results and business effect

Implementing it to Sakalaguna’s infrastructure gave an opportunity to on-board clients from distant parts of the country with no visits to branch-office. Moreover, this increased the security level and improved user experience in terms of modern payment operations, any types of transaction confirmation through a remote channels. This affected on quantity of newly on-boarded clients around the country. The cost reduction on SMS delivery and security enhancement had positive influence on company’s financial performance.

Briefly, the results of implementation could be named as follows:

  • Enhanced security level achievement via implementing proper authentication solution;
  • Client experience improve as there is no need to use SMS OTPs or keeping in mind static PINs.