Managing fraud amidst evolving consumer behaviour in the new-normal

COVID-19 has altered consumer behaviour and many companies now pivot their business model to accommodate what’s new and next. The shift towards digital channels to perform their essential and leisure needs shows the progress of adaption to the new reality. Our VP of Business Development APJ Leonard Chong shared with Cyberthreat id on why prioritising fraud detection is one of the important things to consider

How to achieve harmony in digital channels. “Mobile first” vs. “Mobile only”

Should banks keep traditional online channels as an essential part of their remote services? Or strive for harmony between these two digital channel development directions? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems.

Authentication is done. What about Identification?

Pandemic became a catalyst to move identification from offline to online for many organizations. Even we faced a new challenge on how to personalize a user’s device to make him able to authenticate?

A secure contactless customer experience on mobile in this new-normal

With contactless experiences, customers can continue to perform their transactions digitally without having to be physically present at any location. Our mobiles being an essential part of our lives will be the perfect platform.

Recipes for business success #1 — Observe and predict market needs

In times of crisis that people are likely to face more problems. And in times like these entrepreneurs uncover opportunities to solve these problems and make a profit. So, how do you make that happen?

Biometrics is necessary, but not sufficient

Signing financial transactions in digital banking channels has always been done under special supervision. It’s hardly surprising: authentication and payment document confirmation are often referred to as the cornerstones of digital banking.

Digital Banking. “Mobile First” VS “Mobile Only”

Three common strategies that any banks chooses and why those strategies correspond to the approaches formulated by Internet resources and cloud services developers.

Digital Banking – Time to expand your customer base during COVID-19

COVID-19 has definitely affected our lives, and especially in the way we bank. In this new era of social distancing, the whole “social-distant” digital banking revolution will be driven by mobile.

Why SMS and push codes are not secure

Using an SMS as a second authentication factor is familiar to most people. Moreover, many digital services use this authentication method for use cases like restoring access, approving some actions, confirming device linking and so on.

Banks or FinTech: who will get the “Ring of Power”?

During recent years, the topic of marketplaces / ecosystems / super-apps based on either banks or FinTech companies has been on the radar and has often been mentioned at many financial events. The latest wave of digital banking development shows that the ASEAN market is ready to adopt a new type of financial services.

How to reduce pain points in the digital transaction journey?

In this blog post, we will discuss about the communications flow between banks and their end-users in a remote banking system. For example, if a user wants to transfer his funds from his account to another through a remote banking system, it is highly important both for him and the bank to prove that this is exactly what this specific user wants to do.


With more than a decade of experience working in-between cybersecurity and FinTech in Russia, it is interesting to observe and compare key development trends of digital payment channels between Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.