FIDO2 for financial sector: Pros&Cons

We are talking about the new standards like FIDO2 and their usage for the banking business.

Cybersecurity is top concern, as online threats mount in Malaysia by 82.5%

Between March 18 and April 7 CyberSecurity Malaysia has reported 838 cybersecurity incidents.

Airome Announces Strategic Partnership with Singapore-based cybersecurity firm Group-IB

The go-to-market solution combines anti-fraud systems, scoring and e-signature into remote banking services (RBS).

Are secured and frictionless cybersecurity solutions a pipe dream?

The weakest point in a digital banking system is the user while banks’ side is usually strongly protected, banks know about it. The whole technical team of a bank – including the risk division – will do their best to protect bank clients and for this purpose they offer super strong solutions. However, regular security solution and positive user-experience seem to be incompatible.