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Op Wocao – China-linked APT20 was able to bypass 2FA

China-linked cyber espionage group APT20 has been bypassing two-factor authentication (2FA) in recent attacks

UAE bank told to pay for Dh4.7 million after SIM swap fraud

Court judgment a wake-up call to banks to tighten security, says lawyer.

Quickly-growing phone scam targets bank customers via text message

Scammers targeted bank customers through SMS about “suspicious withdrawals”.

Southeast Asia’s Booming Internet Economy to Boost Fintech Growth

Southeast Region Internet economy corresponding 39% increase compared to 2018 and hits US$100 billion for the first time this year

Depleting bank accounts and stealing identities

Southeast Asia is one of the biggest culprits for hackers in attempt to steal credential stuffing.

Digital fraud on the rise in ASEAN. Financial institutions are reporting losses in the billions

Expected global transaction fraud is worth at least US$31.3 billion

German banks are moving away from SMS one-time passcodes

Multiple German banks are dropping to support SMS OTP as a login authentication and transaction verification method.

Cybercrime group that used malware to steal $100 million from online banking accounts shut down

International law enforcement operation takes down cybercrime network.

The state of digital banking in ASEAN

Digital banking could help bridging the financial inclusion gap in rural and developing areas in the region.

Cybercrime is focusing on accountants

We detect a spike in activity from Trojans targeting mostly accountants who work in small and midsize businesses.

Metro Bank is the first bank that disclosed SS7 attacks against its customers

Metro Bank has become the first major bank to disclose SS7 attacks against its customers.

Watch out! That SMS to update your bank details in UAE might be fake

Scammers are on the prowl and targeting many gullible bank customers by sending them such fraudulent messages.