Introducing new PayConfirm features improving bank’s clients’ digital banking experience

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Airome Technologies introduces new features of PayConfirm as an Interactive Notifications support on a smartphone and smartwatches. These new features increase speed and convenience for a bank’s clients while confirming any operations in digital channels.

With the new updates the way of confirming or rejecting operations become easier for the user as without the need to open the PayConfirm mobile application. Operation details of transaction or e-document display right in the notification center on a smartphone. The user now can confirm or decline an operation in one tap right in the notification center without any need to unlock his smartphone. Function is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

For smartwatch users, we introduce application support to confirm any operation using their smartwatches that function in conjunction with iOS and Android smartphones. All available operations are displayed on a smartwatch screen where clients can confirm or decline any operations either transaction or e-document right in a smartwatch notification.

Airome Technologies welcome our partners and clients to try new features of PayConfirm. Airome’s team ready to provide any necessary support including technical and business consulting.