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Airome participated at Indonesia FinTech Show

Airome took part in the Indonesia Fintech Show. The company showcased how our secure digital banking solution PayConfirm, can help transform the banking experience for the future.

Airome Makes an Entry into Indonesia Through a Partnership with Oz Forensics

The combined go-to-market solution will include e-signature technology from Airome aided by seamless face biometry from Oz Forensics.

Are secured and frictionless cybersecurity solutions a pipe dream?

The weakest point in a digital banking system is the user while banks’ side is usually strongly protected, banks know about it. The whole technical team of a bank – including the risk division – will do their best to protect bank clients and for this purpose they offer super strong solutions. However, regular security solution and positive user-experience seem to be incompatible.

Are digital banking security technologies foolproof?

The rise of digital banking has proved to be a revolutionary approach to financial management, even to the extent of reducing the need for brick and mortar banking branches. Be it managing your own finances, working with a corporate account, or wanting to access a new financial service in the dead of night at any location around the globe, digital banking has allowed access to financial services at the comfort of the customer’s fingertips.


Airome technology adopted by 60 banks around the world is in Singapore now.